[iOS] 1.1 BETA

The latest iOS version of impcat has just been released for BETA testing!

Volunteers can apply for joining the testing group by sending a request with their Apple-ID email address and their first and last name to beta@impcat.de.


– Apple device running iOS 13.0 (or later)
– TestFlight app (link is automatically provided with confirmation mail by Apple)


– Updated from UIWebView to WKWebView
– Layout adjustments of the Save and Load prompts
– Colour Mixer tool was modified for more realistic representations of mixed paints
– Metallic bug resolved: The Colour Picker tool now also gets the metallic intensity of the tapped section and applies it to the selected section(s)
– iOS Status Bar now merges with the UI: Dark background, light content

New Features

– Image Selector now has an “import SVG” button for direct template imports from your device’s storage
– Imported SVG templates (the ones without a preview thumbnail) are being listed alphabetically
– All colour palettes are being sorted alphabetically
– The first found colour list is now being activated on start-up, allowing you to set up a preferred default palette (e.g. by changing its name to start with an “a”)
– Save and Load files are being listed alphabetically
– Image softener: Borders of individual sections no longer have super sharp edges, giving the rendering a more photorealistic result


– No “Import XLSX” option for colour palettes: These still need to be manually copied into the “Colour-Palettes” folder in your Files app
– External URL links open a new Safari browser window, but reload the app when you return, erasing your entire paint session. Therefore the store links from the shopping list have been disabled, until this problem can be resolved


Tons of code had to be rewritten, so please check every function when installing this version, and report any odd behaviour to beta@impcat.de

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