SVG Archive

In case you’d like to inspect, back-up or customize one of our SVG image templates, here’s a collection of the SVG files that are currently available inside of impcat and its online library.

Please note that editing SVG files with Adobe Illustrator is a bit tricky:

In order to maintain the required layer structure, instead of simply opening the file in Illustrator, you’ll have to create a new blank file and use the option File > Place… and select the SVG file. This way you’ll have access to all embedded images. But the layer structure will be messed nonetheless, so make sure to reset everything according to the image template instructions.

Commissar Raivel

Iron Boss

Shadow Hunter Prime

The Captive Unleashed

The Chastener

Unforgiving Chaplain

Confessor Jacoob Cloister



Kalinda Venormus Assassiness

Raidmaster *Explicit*


Techpriest Ivarella

The Seeress

Witch Hunter


NWO Doug Norton

NWO Noelle Virgo


Sihlas Fenn

Goddess Aria

Oronox Captain Konstantin

Xigero, the Dark Jester