Library Expansion: RPG Classes by Signum Games

A huge batch of new templates has just been added to the impcat library!

If you’ve been following Signum Games, you may have noticed how insanely productive they are. The crazy amount of models they have released in the past years (and counting!) comes with a challenging question for us, though:

How to prioritize and structure their massive range of models in our catalogue?

Luckily, Signum Games offer very handy category filters on their homepage, including:

  • Factions
  • Races and
  • Classes

So we decided to adopt this concept, starting the latest batch of miniature templates with pretty much any class you may need for your fantasy RPG adventure.

In addition, we decided to throw even more variety into the mix by creating every template as a combination of a female and male character each, resulting in a batch of 28 miniatures in total!

Full Summary


Alluna the Illuminati Assassin & Korass the Inquisition Executioner


Root, the Cold Heart & Jord, the Storm Song


Milady Rosalinda the Captain’s Daughter & Grisier the Magic Lute


Catharina Clare, the Vampire Slayer & Savallier, the Hunter with the Tablets


Jenna, the Ambitious Sorceress & Yongsheng of Leafsong Peak


Miretta, Knight of Aria’s Temple & Brutus the Legionnaire


Brigit the Young Witch & Samuran, The Mage of Nightmares


Aurora Corentyne the Sword of Aria & Magnus the Red Inquisitor


Astraea the Emperor’s Jaegers Shooter & Sergeant Bron


Lianna, the Coin Lover & Reez the XII-th Arcana


Alem, the Sorceress of Threads & Ezeji the Voice of Spirits


Cray-Ar-Din, Witch of the Cursed Forest & Baldassar the Elusive


Zema the Trickster Mage & Archmage Munin


Barcia, the Forest Enchantress & Almagest the Grand Stargazer


  1. In case you were wondering why (despite the large variety of races Signum Games has to offer) we focused on human characters, the answer is simple:
    Races will get their own batch, listed as a separate category in the model library.
  2. We must admit, that this batch comes with a pinch of ‘artist rendition’. For example, Brigit the Young Witch is technically not listed as a Necromancer, and Alem the Sorceress of Threads is not listed as a Shaman on the Signum store page. But due to the lack of options, we decided that they were a perfect fit for those templates.

We sincerelly hope you’ll have a blast with creating your mockups with this addition to the catalogue!