“Just wanted to say what an awesome tool this app has been. I’ve got a new addition to the family so I don’t have time anymore to test out paint schemes by hand. This app has allowed me to quickly and easily change schemes on the fly, meaning I can make hobby progress even when I have a tiny human sleeping on my chest!”


“Truly awesome! A great way to test out colourschemes without ruining your own models. The Corpseemperor would have bought it, if he would still be alive”

Eveliath Archapostel

“For the Glory of Chaos this is Glorious! Good way to test out schemes without accidently creating loyalists. Even Tzeentch bows his head before this!”

Timboras Raske

“I swear, this app makes me want to buy figures that I otherwise would not even bother looking into.”


“Well done, guys! This app has been one of the best things to happen for the hobby this decade (or last decade, I guess).”


“I bought the shit out of it! Thanks to google surveys, this app was free. Now I have something new to do on my phone when I am on the can.”


“Excellent performance, and the potential for adding more designs, and paints is amazing. Legitimately a recommended purchase for any painter/player”

Iraqi Walker

“I just found out about impcat, downloaded it immediately, and regret nothing. It’s a great app and I can’t wait to see how it develops.”


“Congratulations on creating such an awesome app. Best money I ever spent in the Google store 👌 “


“Agonized on a scheme for months. Am set on one after three days with the app.”


“Thanks to this app it allowed me to test out colour schemes and come up with my own custom chapter design 🙂 “


“To be honest that’s incredible; it looks painted. I’d say the app is doing a good job! “


“Just started this Hobby and this seems amazing to test out color schemes. Thanks for making it. Worth the 3,09 €.”


“Amazing at doing what it’s supposed to do, no glitch’s, and takes only minute to understand”

alon sher

“Loving this app”


“Lovely app. Very intuitive and a great way of practicing colour schemes before putting brush to mini. I’m hoping as time goes on more and more minis will be added. That’s the dream.”

Sonic HedgePig

“It’s helped me put together so many color schemes, even ones I didn’t know I would like. It’s an amazing tool.”

Cody Garcia

“Very intuitive actualization of a concept people have wanted forever! Make sure to check out community created content!”

Jake Haras

“Even in it’s early stage, this is FANTASTIC. Hopefully we’ll see some more paint lines like Citadel and Army Painter as time goes on, but even with it only containing Vallejo paints it isn’t that hard to look at a paint compatibility chart. love this app.”

Michael Essex

“Found the app through Reddit. Probably one of the best purchases I’ve made on Google Play. It definitely is helping me choose what colors to buy (which isn’t easy to begin with). Thank you to the developers and please continue supporting this app!”

Power Surge

Worth the purchase
“Been waiting for this to be ported to iOS. It’s a great app for trying out different colour schemes.”


“I really fucking loooove this app already
paint minis while work

Beer King Russ

“thank you for creating an app wich stops Me from ruining miniatures”


“testing schemes before hand


“Holy crap, this Impcat App is freaking amazing, even in Beta form.”


“I absolutely love this app! Its helped me get through designing a color scheme that I couldn’t seem to get right.”


“I’ve been looking for something exactly like this.”


“It’s useful that’s for sure.”


“This app is awsome.!”


“Great app”

Michael Newman