[Android] 1.2.4 Update

Bugfixes and Improvements…

Status March 13th 2023:
The 1.2.4 Android update is currently released with staged rollout

1: Bugfixes

1.1: Loading Screen Loop on Start-Up

This issue has now been resolved.

Due to it’s irregular and unpredictable occurence, it took us a while to finally get the console error that pointed to the flawed line of code. But after fixing that, we haven’t seen this issue since.

In case there’s another cause for this, we additionally adapted the layout change from the latest iOS release and repositioned the loading icon into the bottom right corner of the viewport, rather than having it cover up the whole screen. So even if you should encounter this issue ever again, it will at worst be a minor inconvenience.

1.2: Import Prompt Overlap

Another bug that we casually ran into was that the ‘Import new SVG file’ popup prompt had some overlapping issues with other elements from the model selection list. This was only visible when scrolling down the list while the prompt was open, but nonetheless this bug got noticed and removed.

2: Improvements

2.1: New Import Mechanism

The file import handling has been a struggle for quite some time. Most adjustments we had to make in the past that followed Google’s guideline changes caused some features to no longer function as intended, the most annoying symptom being that XLSX files could in some cases only be imported as ‘temporary’.

We have entirely rewritten the code that handles file imports, resulting in not only eliminating import restrictions, but also allowing us to implement new features, which are:

2.2: Bulk Imports

When importing SVG templates or XLSX palettes, you can now select multiple files at once. This will append the prompt with a list of the selected files, instantly copying them into the corresponding DLC folder (Android/data/com.DesignBench.impcat/files/Image-Tempates/ for SVG files and Android/data/com.DesignBench.impcat/files/Colour-Palettes/ for XLSX files).

From that list you can then select which file to load into your session.

Files that don’t match the expected format will be listed as a red text, saying

‘file.xyz is not a valid SVG template / XLSX palette’

2.3: Old imports will be overwritten

Whenever a file gets imported, any file inside the DLC folder with the same name will now get automatically overwritten.

This has 2 massive benefits:

  • You no longer have to worry about multiple versions of the same file in your DLC folder and
  • When we update content on our DLC server (e.g. colour corrections in a palette), your files will automatically get updated